The Health Of Families And Nannies Come First

During these uncertain times our agency is working hard to ensure that all Families using our services, either because they still have to go to work or they work from home and require childcare, and all new Families and Nannies are safe. 

We ensure that none of our Nannies working have traveled since March 1,2020 , that all of our Nannies are following safety precautions and none of our Nannies working have symptoms.

Our goal has always been to ensure the safety of Families and our Nannies.

During our phone conversations with new Families we will now be asking if any one in your household has traveled within the last two weeks or if any member of your household is exhibiting symptoms, our Nannies will not be able to work with families who have answered yes to the above questions. 

Regarding interviews, we will now be having our Nannies do phone interviews with Families or video interviews. 

We are here to help, if you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call at


We are in this together, Stay Safe. 

The Team at Lullaby Executive Nannies