How Our Services Work

Three Simple Steps to Hire A Nanny


Step One:  Contact Lullaby Executive Nannies at 647-497-7310 ext 1. During the phone assessment we will thoroughly discuss your families needs, and schedule, so that we can send out a nanny matched for your family. Our goal is to find the perfect match the first time. It can take up to two weeks to send a Nanny out that matches your family's needs, however depending on your urgently you need childcare, we can send a Nanny out sooner.

Step Two:  A day and time is schedule for our nanny to come to your home to meet with you. Our nannies have all had a Criminal Background Check, Verified Child Care References, First Aid & CPR Certified, and Successfully Completed an interview with a Professional Child Care Specialist. During Step Two is the best time to inform your potential Nanny of your expectations, areas that you need assistance around your home and introduce her to your children.

Step Three: Once confirmed that as a family you would like to hire our nanny full time or part time, our Nanny Agreement is emailed for you to review, during this time we are available at the above phone number to answer any questions. Once our Nanny Agreement is signed and emailed back to us, a date is chosen by you as your nanny's start date. It's that simple. 



                                                  OUR FEES

We charge $18-$20 per hour for our Full Time/Part Time Experienced  Nannies. Our rate is determined based on the amount of children in the family, ages of the children, level of flexibility in scheduling that the family requires, location of the family, nannies with driver's license and additional services the family may require from the Nanny. Our hourly rate covers your Nanny's Salary, Workplace Injury Insurance Coverage, Payments to Match EI and CPP Contributions, and Liability Insurance. As a family you simply pay the hourly rate and we take care of all of the  above, including the deductions of your Nanny's taxes. We do not charge any Nanny Placement Fees.

Our agency follows all employment laws. Your Nanny will require two weeks  paid vacation as per the Canadian Employment Standards Act. Your nanny will schedule her vacation during the time when your family takes a vacation, so that your child care isn't affected. Your Nanny is entitled to paid statutory holidays as per Canadian Employment Standards. We also require that your nanny receives three paid sick days for part time nannies and six for full time nannies yearly. It is important to take care of your nanny, so that they can take care of your precious little ones.